The Builders

The Hampton Roads Brick Builders is a group of Brick Building enthusiasts who come together to share their passion for building and creating with bricks. Our members range in age and experience, but all share a love of using their problem-solving, engineering, and critical-thinking skills to bring their Brick Building creations to life.

Whether you are a seasoned Brick Building pro or just starting out on your brick-building journey, there is a place for you in the Hampton Roads Brick Builders. We welcome builders of all skill levels and look forward to creating and learning together. 

Our Builders will work on:

January 9th Meeting.

January 9th 2023 we presented Certificates of Membership to 8 new Hampton Roads Brick Builders! They displayed their builds and explained what fractions are with their logos.  

This in-person session will meet once a week in the Hampton Roads area (TBD). Parents are encouraged to work with their builders. Each session will last 60 - 80 minutes. 

We are not able to take our amazing creations with us but we take lots of pictures and display them on our website! 

Please register each child to ensure we have enough gifts and supplies for everyone.